Krasl on the Bluff 2011

This past weekend, (July 9 & 10) I participated in Krasl Art Center’s Art on the Bluff in beautiful St. Joseph, Michigan.

As J.R.R. Tolkien writes in the The Hobbit,

“Now it is a strange thing, but things that are good to have and days that are good to spend are soon told about, and not much to listen to….”

And I’m afraid that’s the case with the Krasl Art Fair this year. It went so smoothly that there’s not much to tell that won’t sound like bragging.

I rented a 4×8 trailer which has the advantage of being light enough, even loaded, to maneuver by hand when you can’t back it into a small space.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the actual fair organization. Every year they find ways to make it even better! Food, activities, notices; this is the BEST fair.

We had both kids with us so set up went quickly and smoothly- everyone had their assigned tasks. We were very happy to see our long-time neighbors returning and also to meet a few new people.

I was especially excited about the work of Teresa Wooden of Stone Forest Pottery  . Once you see her work, you will understand why I like it so much.

After we had zipped down the last flap of our tent, we all walked down to the Compass Rose Fountain and proceeded to cool off.

Back to the tent to change and then off to dinner. Here’s where we became unhappy.

We were FAMISHED and went to Schu’s, a restaurant we knew had good food- PLUS they were a sponsor of the fair. We agreed to wait the 15-20 minutes because we knew the food would be good .
After about 30 minutes I went in and got a menu and we picked out what we would order so as to be REALLY READY.

After 40 minutes I went in to check on our place in the queue and noted that on the list around our names, everyone else’s names had already been crossed off- the hostess confessed she had not written down our buzzer number and so that is why we saw many people who had arrived after us seated  already.

FINE. Five minutes later we were seated and would not let our waitress walk away from us before we’d ordered. After 45 minutes had gone by, and we noted people (who had arrived after us) eating and finishing, we flagged down our waitress and asked how’s our order? She checked and said it would be a “couple of minutes”. 15 minutes later I was asking for the manager and seething at him and then telling him I would probably not be QUITE so worked up if I weren’t SO hungry! He said he would “adjust our bill” and send over desert menus, with the implication he would comp desert. The food arrived while I was talking to him.

The food was excellent. The crème brulee was to die for BUT he only comp’ed the deserts and proceeded to charge me 22$ for a pork chop that was listed at 19$.AND I didn’t get the 10% off -artist discount they advertised.  So we won’t be returning there.

The next day dawned bright and beautiful. Everyone worked together and we got set up quickly.

Then people began walking through the fair and my Saturday morning sales were unusually good. This is the kind of fair where usually patrons walk through once or even twice and then purchase but many bought in the morning and several people returned to my tent to buy something only to find it gone. I’ve even offered to set things aside and certainly I always hold bags for pickup later. I feel terrible when this happens but of course everything I make is very one-of-a-kind.

After the fair shut down for the day, we went to the beach for a picnic and sunset. I find watching the sun set over Lake Michigan a huge luxury since we can only watch it rise over the lake here.

Sunday was predicted to be hotter so I did a bit of walking around first thing in the morning. I was very pleased to see Chris Dahlquist was in the fair this year with her luminous paintings. And she’s working even larger now. Amazing landscapes and clouds.

While I was working at the booth, my children were having a fabulous time.As much as he loves the other art fairs, Krasl is my son’s favorite. To start with there’s the fountain; then there’s a carousel*, a kid’s museum and for artists’ children, free art activities all weekend long; and let’s not forget the GIANT LOG OF FUDGE!


* The woman who checked me even gave me a token for the carousel!

My location was what saved me from the heat on Sunday. I was in the shade and there was a very cool breeze coming off the lake that blew on me the whole day. This was a real blessing because I did not wilt.

Again, boring story, take down went smoothly and we had no bad traffic coming home!

A big thank you to all the folks that bought from me and a reminder to everyone that my FaceBook Fan page (

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  1. YEAH!!!!! How wonderful that the “weather goddess” was with you ie. no terrible winds, hail or pouring down rain! I am happy to hear of your wonderful time away with your family and your prosperous experience!
    Be well,
    MOE 🙂
    PS Hope to see you this week at Lilstreet!

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