The Powderhorn Park Art Fair 2011

Well, Hello and here I am blogging about yet another art fair and this one went really wonderfully!

The first thing you should know about this fair is that the load-in (and load out) for me and really, for most of the other artists, is incredibly easy.

You drive along a paved road that runs around the lake and there is just a whole lot of room to park. I had a U-Haul™ 4×8 trailer again and those are a bit unwieldy and I just pulled in, going in a big U in front of my area. For load out, I actually BACKED IN! I’m so proud of myself. Then we unloaded everything, set up and drove to our accommodations (free since we have lots of relatives here). The next day we parked up the hill from our spot- in this case on 10th Ave. and just walked down to the tent. The weather was a bit warm the first day but sales were good.

My thing at the Powderhorn is that I have family in Minnesota; I went to high school an hour away and I went to college here so it’s a great time and place to have people stop by. I was visited by 2 high school friends , 4 old college friends (and wives or children) and lots of family. We actually set up an extra tent (and chairs) out back for shade.

My 11 year old son set up the “easy-down” (as he heard someone call them) all by himself and dubbed it the “Relative Relaxation Room”. It was good because it kept the display tent clear and available and everyone was in the shade. My only problem was paying enough attention to actual customers!

I continue to get a lot of compliments on the display. It’s no secret- Ikea.


Sunday was glorious weather and people were in a good mood. Even the wildlife is exciting and entertaining. My son caught a couple of toads (released into the pond) a butterfly hung out with us for all of Sunday morning; the ducks geese and cormorants kept the pond interesting. The only drawback to that is the ground is a little… well…


I did manage to walk around the entire fair and was impressed with a Jeweler from Tallahassee, Florida: Zee Galliano ( had some really cool stuff.


This year the awards were heralded by four stilt-walkers. My friend said he couldn’t bear to watch. I reassured him that they had all trained by putting up dry-wall for years. He said there used to be twice that number in the herd.

I do have to complain about the Judging because I didn’t win- what can I say? I’m biased.

Aside from that, this is a wonderful fair, great music, for a good cause in a great area.

the volunteers were also helpful and friendly. We had one visitor who was unable to walk far and they simply brought her to the tent in one of the golf carts.



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  1. You need to install a widgit on the page that allows the reader to vote on who said the funnier line about the stilt walkers. Then again, I think we KNOW who had the funnier line. Better luck next year, Glyn.

  2. Wow…a golf cart, impressive! I am so happy u were able to see family & friends…and the Photos as usual r lovely. Love ur postings!!!

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