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I love other people's pots too. I have a wonderful collection of pottery. These are just a few photos of some of my favorites. I hope to post a full photo record of the pots I love, admire and live with as this site matures.
Mat Metz tea pot .jpg
Matt Metz jar.jpg
Matt Metz mug ca.1998.JPG
Matt Metz mug
Matt Metz mugs.jpg
Matt Metz pasta jar.JPG
Matt Metz tea bowl 05.jpg
Matt Metz vase.jpg
Mie Kongo 2005.jpg
Mike norman tiny cat mug 2005.jpg
mike norman tumbler 2006.jpg
Ralph Scala bowl.JPG
Silvie Granatelli bowl 2006.jpg
Steven Rolf tea bowl 2005.jpg
Suze Lindsay .jpg
william brouillard 2006.jpg
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