new work out of the kiln

It’s always exciting and really  kind of miraculous when work comes out of the kiln. It goes in, utterly fragile

unfired greenware plate

and emerges stone-like, ready to serve for the next few thousand years.

I’m quite happy with this new group of bowls (note- it seems my photo is distorted- I’m working on fixing that)


9-new-bowlsI’m using a slightly different technique for these “production” pieces in that I am roughly painting the branch  and then just refining it with sgraffito.

What I’ve done in the past- and actually  it gives me more freedom- is to cover the entire surface with black slip and then draw the branch out free hand. Then I carve away anything that isn’t the image.

 This is somewhat quicker and also gives  a more painterly quality to the black. You can see the brush stroke and direction.

I’m also including color for the first time! This truly echoes what I see in the winter. A bare black branch with a few bright red berries made all the more vivid by being set against the white backdrop of snow. It is the same for cardinals- in the wintry absence of color, red  catches the eye.

I also got some vases out- these are a good size. About 8-9″ tall.

A note on where inspiration comes from. I was riding a school bus full of noisy children- a field trip chaperone – and we were going down Lake Shore Drive when I thought, for the briefest moment, that I saw a rabbit on the very lowest  branch of a tree silhouetted against the lake. Of course there was no tree-climbing rabbit, but it was such a lovely image in my mind that I decided to put in on a pot.3-vasesIt is the left -most pot.