The Marion Arts Festival


The Marion Arts Festival

How it went: 

Very well.

We learned a lot.

Things went pretty smoothly.

We were pretty lucky with the weather.



Friday morning I picked up the cargo van- which, by the way, was more space and vehicle than we needed- and  it stopped raining long enough for us to load it up.the-packed-van

Traffic was miserable and it rained most of the way but when we arrived, the rain stopped again and we unloaded our shelves, assembled them and then stored them under a park building’s broad overhang.

The next morning was quite cold but sunny, we set up in about an hour and 20 minutes with enough time to change clothes before the fair started. At 9 we were open for business!


Our set up: everything is from IKEA. booth-shotclose-up-a-display


People seemed to ebb and flow into the booth all day. I would say my mugs and picture vases were the most popular.lots-of-customers

Here’s a small sampling of the latest.row-of-mugsmr-harebarn-swallowperched-on-the-frameseen-from-my-car





At 5 pm. we began to pack up and due to good planning, that went pretty smoothly too. We were ready to leave in an hour and a half. 

We stayed with friends in Iowa City and they have a lovely house and  took good care of us.

On our way out, we visited AKAR-

what a great store! I had, of course seen the web site and had no idea it was in Iowa City!


Marion is lovely, Iowa is lovely and we had a lovely time.