Murphy Mosaic Finished

I am so pleased with the final result of the TimeLine Mosaic that I worked on again this year with the Sixth Graders at Murphy school.students-applying-mastic














































We had started it last year and this year we added 3 more symbols of various Ancient Cultures.

It was really wonderful to attend the Fine Arts Festival at Murphy school and to officially inaugurate the Mosaic Time Line
















We cut the ribbon


























and then everyone viewed the symbols of ancient cultures. 


The timeline starts with  A Cave painting of a horse from Lascaux, France. 14,000 BCEview-of-most-of-the-timeline

















Next (my favorite) Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead. 3000 BCE .  I combined the Chinese Bagua, which was discovered in 2,800 BCE by FuXi on the back of a tortoise, with dragons which are a symbol of the emperor.  For Ancient Greece, I chose a Greek pot from 600 BCE depicting Athena’s owl, and Murphy’s mascot.


This year we added an  Archer from a frieze on the wall of  Darius the Great’s Palace, Persia, 510 BCE  archer-from-darius-the-greats-palace-ungrouted





















I wanted to make sure North America was represented by thisarcher-and-olmec-head














Giant stone head created by the Olmecs in the area near what is now Veracruz, Mexico . The Olmecs came into dominance from 1200 to 400 BC 

The arched windows lent themselves beautifully to a depiction of the Rome’s best engineering feat;  an Aqueduct from 100 BCE roman-aquaduct


finally it ends on the landing with an Illuminated Manuscript Europe  representing the Middle Ages in Europe.  Monks hand-copied books; decorating pages and words with plants, animals and scenes from the text.illuminated-manuscript-after-grouting





















Here are some other photos- some taken before grouting so you can compare and some  details of the mosaics

illuminated-manuscript-before-groutingilluminated-text-mosaic-in-progressdetail-of-manuscript-murphy-owllaid out: archerdetail-aquaduct