More Mosaic!

Well, I’m sorry but I have to post yet more pictures of the ongoing mosaic-

You remember, I’m putting one up in the new upstairs bathroom.

Here is the panel that just went up:

2nd paneland I’ve put animals in there for the first time

a rabbit hiding in the corner (that’s just masking tape on the floor)rabbit detail and a redwinged blackbird singing by its nestred winged blackbird detailYou can see the nest in the bigger picture- I made it, it’s a soap dish! I’m trying to get some egg-shaped soap.

I’m just so pleased on how it’s coming along!

both panelsAlso, either I’m getting better at installation or my daughter, who helped me for the first time, was just incredibly good. There was no swearing! Everything went smoothly!

I’m so happy!.

Non toxic

Okay, I just heard from a friend who told me she  asked a mutual friend of ours if she was going to my home sale to which she replied,

“Oh you know you can’t eat off of any of that stuff”

or something to that effect Meaning it was full of lead, toxic, etc.

Now I would dismiss this out of hand if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve encountered this

A LOT at my art fairs! People often ask me if it’s food safe!

AND, worst of all!  this person is the partner of a 2D artist!! I always thought of her as intelligent,  well informed and kind of inside the loop.

What I want to know is, how did this perception get started? Is the hysteria all due to some news item on a handful of  pots from  south of the border with their bright colors and oh-so-glossy clear glazes?

I mean, our studio (Lill St.) is extremely strict about adhering to the latest safety guidelines and I can remember them eliminating a popular glaze as the guidelines got even stricter. Not to mention, as many of you know, that most of these materials are utterly bonded and at hi-fire temps even safer. Truly, you have to take a pot with lead or something else bad in it, use something acidic and leave it in there and use it daily to get poisoned.

The best example I can think of is Using some sort of low fire pitcher with a lead glaze for Sangria

do NOT use this!
do NOT use this!






My lovely, high-fire, oh-so-functional pots are sad when they sit eternally on a shelf gathering dust.     Not only would they never dream of poisoning someone, they COULDN’T.

They don’t have it in them.

They are NON-TOXIC.

NON toxic octo platter

I am always happy to hear one has been broken in the line of duty. I mean, I’d rather someone is using them. I was delighted to hear when an acquaintance who owned something by me told me it got broken and she was so sad she couldn’t throw out the pieces but her partner -as a surprise-had it made into a broken piece mantel!

She said one image survived and that was placed right at the center of the mantel. I wish I could see it.

So there you have it, my first RANT- How can people be so UNINFORMED?

Spread the word.

NON. toxic