More Mosaic!

Well, I’m sorry but I have to post yet more pictures of the ongoing mosaic-

You remember, I’m putting one up in the new upstairs bathroom.

Here is the panel that just went up:

2nd paneland I’ve put animals in there for the first time

a rabbit hiding in the corner (that’s just masking tape on the floor)rabbit detail and a redwinged blackbird singing by its nestred winged blackbird detailYou can see the nest in the bigger picture- I made it, it’s a soap dish! I’m trying to get some egg-shaped soap.

I’m just so pleased on how it’s coming along!

both panelsAlso, either I’m getting better at installation or my daughter, who helped me for the first time, was just incredibly good. There was no swearing! Everything went smoothly!

I’m so happy!.

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  1. Hey girlie,
    I am sooo delighted to see this mosaic,a nd I am sooo happy that your daughter’s artistry went into it as well. That apple is falling close to the tree. BRAVO!

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