Ah Youth!

My brother just sent me what I think is the most wonderful photo of me  and  I never knew it existed!

I’ve had a lot of very flattering comments about me in this picture but frankly, what I am most excited about is proof that, not only was I throwing pots at age 16 but it was a  DECENT looking pot!Glynnis 1976

The story of this location is that my first job was working for a local potter. His studio was in his barn.Brodersen Platter

I pugged clay, sifted straw ash, stacked wood for the kiln, mixed glazes, mowed his lawn and ocassionally, did his dishes. The perks were that he taught me to really throw and trim (I still don’t make a tall enough foot by his standards!) I got to make some pots and fire them- Raku!

It was such a great job- one I’ll never forget and was certainly deeply influential on my whole life. Here are a couple of tea bowls I made that  I still have from that time.2 raku tea  bowls by Glynnis 1976

And since I’m being nostalgic, I thought I’d throw in  this photo in to show you what a flower child I was at about age 14.flower child

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