What’s on my pots?

My Pots are so much about surface decoration.

I believe in having a very strong, aesthetically pleasing form to put those decorations on but I find myself looking forward to making the images more than the pots these days.

So the question is, what to put on the pots?

I love nature. I grew up on a farm, in the countryside. I wandered the woods and ravines most of my life, often alone.

I read somewhere (and I must find it) that a shared element in the lives of creative people (famous ones) they spent time in nature alone.  One must feel the power and the beauty of nature.

I find there is something soothing and comforting about realizing one is just a speck in the wilderness.

Here, going to the lake renews me, refreshes my sense of being on the planet.


I also love animals.  LOVE them. I was the kid who rescued the baby robin and fed it worms all day every day until it flew away. I was the one, up in the middle of the night with a doll baby bottle, feeding kittens who had lost their mother. I was the one with the boa constrictor in her dorm room in college.

So the things that appeal to me for surface decoration is what little nature and animals I see around me in the urban environment in which I find myself.

Since the dawn of “modern” humanity, artists have represented what they saw around them. From cave painters 40,000 years ago to the more recent petroglyphs of Africa, Australia and the American southwest to the prints of the Inuit Eskimos, to much folk art, we see represented, the animals they lived with on an intimate and daily basis.

Those animals symbolized things to them- we’re not quite sure what- but we can guess that their livelihood depended on some and many had magical or spiritual meaning.

Since I find renewal from nature, I would have to say the animals I see now remind me of natural environments, of living in the moment, of survival.

And they are simply lovely in and of themselves. I find beauty in their lines. I like the curves and forms and textures of animals. (As I do of branches.)



I have deep affection for our little urban neighbors; those who have figured out that we’re no longer hunting them. The biggest danger to them are our cars. Birds, rabbits, rodents, squirrels, raccoons, opossum, deer and the occasional coyote or cougar venture into our urban spaces. They live in our yards, parks and alleys.

I just bought a book for its title; Field Guide to Urban Wildlife (okay that’s maybe not the exact title- I can’t find it!)  I did find another book I also bought for the title; it is called

“Flattened Fauna; a Field Guide to Common Animals of Roads, Streets, and Highways” (by Roger Knutson) which is almost the same.

But I digress.


I want to remind people we still depend on nature, on the earth for our livelihood; we still have to share the planet with animals, we are still earthbound. I also think we are terribly lonely as a species.



New graphic work from this past weekend

Sometimes I do graphic design.  So far most of it has been for volunteer work. It was fun because this weekend I had two requests- different but the same- something that could be used on a tee shirt.

This one was for a Bat Mitzvahred-heart-small

note the initials – I hope you don’t see them instantly.  There are so many ugly tee shirts out there- so many Bar Mitzvah tee shirts that are sent to Salvation Army. I wanted this to be one where people wear it more than once. I wanted to design something aesthetically pleasing.

I also designed a poster/postcard/tee shirt for a small Art Fair – it’s not quite done and you can see it is a close cousin to the surface decoration I’m doing right now but I think it’s an attention grabbing graphic and again, aesthetically pleasing. There’s so much ugly crap out in the world. I sure as heck don’t want to add to it.Art Fair poster


I also did one other graphic for a Fundraiser that I (with a LOT of help) created for our school. I mean, I created the fundraiser- I also created the graphic but without any help – except of course for my technical right hand man, my husband. Being a techno-doofus, I rely heavily on his amazing skills in photoshop and other graphics programs. Interestingly, I created all these graphics out of cut paper.

Here is the one I designed for our fundraiser- now in it’s 5th year.

sm-300-fiesta-logoIt made a wonderful poster and tee shirt!  I guess I feel safe with cut paper- I know it’s going to look clean and work well in an ink-on-cloth situation.


I love cut paper.  I have a “hobby” of making paper snowflakes.  I have made hundreds over the years and they are deeply intricate. snowflakes


well, there  you have the gamut- I went from graphic design to a window full of snowflakes. I get a lot of pleasure from cut paper.