Various Projects

Apologies as I’ve neglected my blog for some time now.

I thought I would just post some pictures of the various things I’ve been up to.

I am currently very busy teaching but also trying to prepare for as many as FOUR art fairs!

That is my first and most exciting news: I’ve been accepted into the  following fairs:

The 57th Street Art Fair June  5 & 6

Krasl on the Bluff in St. Joseph Michigan July 10 & 11

The Kohler in Sheboygan Wisconsin July 17 & 18 and

The Powderhorn Park Art Fair in Minneapolis August 7 & 8  !

Also I am lucky enough to be working again with the 6th graders at Murphy School to finish our Mosaic Time Line. This year we are doing: Feudal Japan, the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration.and  for the Age of Exploration a globe with a ship sailing on it.

Whenever I get any chunk of time, I am making work for the fairs.  I am excited about the images I’ve recently carved on some  salad plates and casseroles.(I’m so mad I cropped off the bottom of the plate when I was shooting!)

Here’s another plate- this shape was inspired by a great plate I bought from Bob Briscoe

and casseroles!

side view :

and I want to do more of these!  Perspective

from aboveLastly,  I am currently in a faculty show at Lill Street. It opened May 1.

This is one of my Kelp Vases and it was Soda Fired which was just the right treatment for that surface.

Stop by and see it in person as well as all the other amazing work by my colleagues at Lill!

More Mosaic!

Well, I’m sorry but I have to post yet more pictures of the ongoing mosaic-

You remember, I’m putting one up in the new upstairs bathroom.

Here is the panel that just went up:

2nd paneland I’ve put animals in there for the first time

a rabbit hiding in the corner (that’s just masking tape on the floor)rabbit detail and a redwinged blackbird singing by its nestred winged blackbird detailYou can see the nest in the bigger picture- I made it, it’s a soap dish! I’m trying to get some egg-shaped soap.

I’m just so pleased on how it’s coming along!

both panelsAlso, either I’m getting better at installation or my daughter, who helped me for the first time, was just incredibly good. There was no swearing! Everything went smoothly!

I’m so happy!.