How I make “Picture Vases”



How I make “picture vases”

after throwing the form with a slightly thicker than usual bottom (1/2-3/4 inch)


I alter the pot by squeezing it just before I lift it off the wheel.altered-future-vases

when the pots are leather hard I mark placement for the feet

foot-placement-markedand use a cheese cutter to progessively slice away part of the bottom. I use a cheese cutter with a roller as I have more control. I usually do two cuts at the corner and then one more slightly to the interior and use that cut to define the feet.3rd-cut-with-cheese-slicer

Then a shallow cut or two at the middle of the bottom.





Wetting my fingers, I smooth the feet a bit.


Then I add little knobs and paint on the slip.



After they are all prepared like that, I go back in and free hand draw my design (two per pot)

drawingand carve away the excess slip.


Now I have a picture of the finished pot: